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Refreshing English  Water

Environmentally Friendly Bottles! 

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Swithland Spring Water is an exceptionally pure source of water from deep beneath the Charnwood Hills in Leicestershire. It is a moderately mineralized Natural Spring Water that has its own unique and pleasant flavour delicately filtered by nature. The catchment area of Charnwood is predominately woodland and parkland and still retains the unspoilt beauty of the ancient forest.


We will collect your empty bottles as part of our delivery service.  The bottles are then sanitized for reuse and are only recycled when they are tired or damaged.  We never discard our bottles in landfill sites.

An 18.9 litre bottle will dispense approximately 100 cups of water!

  • Supplied in 18.9 or 13 litre bottles


  • Integrated handle, for easy lifting


  • Recycled bottles are ozone treated for guaranteed hygiene.


  • All bottles have tamper proof evident caps.


  • Swithland Spring is monitored regularly by the public analyst and tested daily for purity.


  • European Councils highest water standard 80/777/EEC.

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Typical Analysis

61.2 mg/l    Calcium

32.1 mg/l    Magnesium 

12.1 mg/l    Sodium

2.27 mg/l    Potassium

2.57 mg/l    Bicarbonates 

0.24 mg/l    Fluoride 

21.3 mg/l    Chloride     

77.5 mg/l    Sulphate 

1.09 mg/l    Nitrate   

0.03 mg/l    Iron

8.13 mg/l    pH 

Swithland Spring Water is a protected Natural Spring source with an excellent record of microbiological quality and was set up under the supervision of the leading European Consultant Microbiologist Mr Michael Hurst.

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