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Cooler Care Guidelines

The Water Cooler delivered to your premises is a high quality appliance which will give you trouble free operation as long as the following simple guidelines are observed.

Prior to installation, your cooler has been thoroughly inspected and sanitised to ensure that the purity of water dispensed is not compromised in any way. These guidelines are designed to ensure that this quality is not prejudiced once it is in your possession. Specific WHA Guidelines for Cooler use in Schools, Care Homes, Hospitals etc is available, please ring for a copy or advice.


Location Factors

It is advisable not to locate the cooler or store bottles:

  • Outside in the open air

  • In direct sunlight

  • In a dusty, unventilated environment

  • In or close to a lavatory


Safety Factors

  • Do not leave the cooler plugged into a power supply with no water in the bottle

  • Report any cooler malfunctions or any water taste or appearance problems

  • Please ensure that the sanitisation programme is maintained

  • Allow at least 70 mm for ventilation all around the cooler


Replacing the Bottle

Please ensure that you :

  • Remove the tamper evident label from the cap

  • Lift the bottle carefully

  • Store the empty bottle carefully awaiting collection

  • Please do not refill the bottle from the tap


Hygiene Factors

Do NOT :

  • Use the cooler bottle as a storage shelf for food or plants

  • Poor any unused water or beverages into the drip tray

  • Touch the nozzle of the dispensing taps

  • Leave the cooler without a bottle on top

  • Use sprays, mists or vapours around the cooler

It is advisable to :

  • Empty the drip tray and wash out regularly

  • Drink within 3-4 weeks of loading onto the cooler

  • Use the water bottles in rotation and check use by dates.

 - WHA Essential Care of your Cooler

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