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Covid - 19 Update (05/01/2021)

Following the recent Government announcement regarding a Third national lockdown, we want to reassure our customers that The Cooler Company will remain fully operational and working in line with the most recent Government guidelines.

As it has been throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, our focus remains for the safety and wellbeing of our staff and customers.

If you would like any further information, please get in touch.

Thank you for your continued support.

Courier in face mask with bottle of cooler water indoors, space for text. Delivery during

Covid - 19

It is our highest priority to deliver a safe product in a safe manner to our valued customers. We are strictly following ‘social distancing’ guidelines and our already rigorous procedures regarding quality control and providing safe drinking products and sanitised equipment.   

We have taken extensive measures to ensure the health and wellbeing of our colleagues by implementing strict social distancing guidelines and other preventive measures in our facilities, to ensure we can operate safely.

If you have any questions regarding service during the COVID-19 pandemic, please call our office at 01933 410410.

COVID-19 and Water Coolers


Following the guidelines from the WHA (Water Dispenser & Hydration Association), if your cooler/dispenser has been left unused for long periods of time, where possible the following actions should be taken:


For a complete shutdown of less than 3 weeks:

  • Bottled Water Coolers – Remove the bottle, drain the cooler by running the water through the taps.  Fit a new bottle and flush 2L of water through both taps.  Sanitise taps and dispensing area with a food-safe sanitiser spray or wipes.

  • Mains Fed Water Coolers – Flush approximately 5L of water through both taps.  Sanitise taps and the dispensing area with food-safe Sanitiser spray or wipes.

  • Hot Water Dispensers – Switch the dispenser back on and allow it to reach temperature.  Once up to temperature, drain the tank and allow to re-fill

Shutdown more than 3 weeks:

  • Bottled Water Coolers & Main Fed Water Coolers – Follow the above advice but arrange for a Sanitisation Service as soon as possible.

  • Hot Water Dispensers – Follow the advice above.  If the service date has passed, this should be carried out as soon as possible. 


Some tips on keeping your cooler sanitised


  • Keep antibacterial wipes close to your water cooler to sanitise after each use.

  • If the Cooler is not sited near a sink, offer hand sanitiser so users can quickly disinfect their hands before and after each use.

  • Tape a 6-foot radius around the cooler to ensure proper social distancing.

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