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Mains Fed Cooler Rental Service

When you rent a mains fed water cooler from us, you will experience a hassle free service from our friendly team, who will look after every aspect of your order.  We offer FREE site evaluation visits, where we can advise you where best to site the cooler..

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What to expect when renting a water cooler from us:


  • All our water coolers are sanitised and maintained by our team of fully trained engineers.


  • We will contact you when your cooler is due for cleaning and filters replacing, then we will arrange a date and time that will be convenient for you.


  • All our service engineers are qualified and will service your cooler without causing disruption to your working environment.


  • In the unlikely event there was ever an issue with you water cooler, you will receive an immediate response.  We will repair or replace the cooler within 48 hours, free of charge.


  • You will see the same person that services and maintains your cooler.


  • We attach a service record on the back of the cooler so that you can see for yourself the last time the cooler was serviced.

Installation & Maintenance 

Connection is usually straightforward.  All that is required is a 13 amp plug socket and a mains water supply preferably with in two metres of the water cooler.  Whenever connecting to a water supply, it MUST NOT be from a header tank


We use flexible, discrete food grade tubing,  which is plumbed in direct to the mains water supply.  This water then passes through the advanced inline filtration system supplying chilled fresh tasting drinking water.


Our install Rail comprises of a one way water flow valve, a water pressure regulator and as a safety feature we fit a water block valve as standard.  This limits the quantity of water that can be released at any one time, preventing the unlikely event of the cooler leaking.

At the Cooler Company we offer free site evaluations to help you decide where and how to install the water coolers.

In the unlikely event of there being any problems with your water cooler you will receive an immediate response where one of our cooler technicians will visit to either repair or replace your cooler within 48 hours. 

Sanitisation & Filter Service

Plumbed in water coolers require a sanitisation and filter change every 6 months (26 weeks).  As water is classified as a food product there are strict hygiene and safety guidelines which need to be adhered to keep your water cooler safe to drink from.

The Sanitisation Service is carried out by one of our qualified technicians, using only WHA (Water Dispenser & Hydration Association, our industry regulatory body) recommended products and procedures.  We use water filters on all our mains fed coolers as these have an advanced in line filtration system which filters the water down to 1 micron.

At a convenient time that suits you, one of our qualified service engineers will sanitise and exchange the filter every 6 months, using only WHA recommended products and procedures, an essential service to ensure the water coolers remain hygienic and clean.

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Sanitisation Kit


If you prefer to sanitise your cooler yourself, we do offer a Sanitisation Kit available to purchase and water filters.

The water cooler sanitisation kit is UK industry approved and includes all you need to sanitise your water cooler.  The sanitisation service needs to be carried out every 26 weeks (6 months). 

The sanitisation kit includes:

1 x Miraclean sponge,

1 x Cooler Clean spray holder,

1 x Cooler Clean Rinse,

1 x Cooler Clean Spray,

6 x Gloves


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