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Frequently Asked Questions on your Water Cooler

Our customers don’t often have any trouble with their water coolers and continue to enjoy great tasting water.  However, if you do experience any trouble with your cooler, please give us a call on 01933 410410 or contact us through the contact page.

Some quick answers to some cooler problems.



No water is coming out of the mains fed water cooler?

Check to make sure the water supply is turned on.

Check the cooler is plugged in to the mains power supply. 


No water is coming out of the taps on my Bottled Cooler?

Replace the bottle if empty.  There might be an air blockage, you can call us to arrange for an engineer to come out or you can do this procedure yourself.  Lift the bottle off the cooler and place back on.  This may need to be done 2 -3 times, place cups on the drip tray and open both taps.  This will release the air block. 


There is a plastic cap floating in the bottle of the water cooler?

If you see a sticker or a plastic cap floating in the bottle, don’t worry, when the bottle was placed on top of the cooler these item have been pushed through.  While the bottle is on the cooler it is sealed with the probe mechanism, so this has not comprised the quality of the water.  Do not lift the bottle off the cooler until it is empty or the water will escape.

In future, to avoid contamination of your cooler, always remove the dust cover prior to placing the bottle on the cooler.


Water from the cold tap is warm?

Check the cooler is plugged in and switched on at the wall.  If the cooler has been used extensively, leave to re-chill for 15 minutes.  Someone may have adjusted the thermostat, adjust to reduce the temperature.


Water from the hot tap is not hot?

Check the cooler is plugged in to the mains power supply and switched on. Ensure the hot water switch is turned on the back of the cooler.  There may have been high usage on the hot tap, simply leave to re-heat for 15 minutes. 


My Water Cooler is leaking?

Please turn the power off to the water cooler immediately and shut off the water supply to the cooler. Check the water is not coming from the drip tray, if unwanted drinks have been poured into the drip tray it maybe overflowing.  If you have a Bottled Water Cooler, check to see if the bottle is leaking, if you see signs of this, please remove the bottle off the cooler and mark the bottle as faulty. The bottle will be replaced free of charge.  The leak could be coming from a slow dripping tap that has caused water to build and overflow in the drip tray.

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