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Oasis RR 2000

The Oasis RR2000 is an attractive yet robust cooler which will fit neatly into any working environment. The cabinet is moulded in a very tough plastic which is scratch resistant, which means it will keep the cooler looking great over time. 

  • No spill bottle change system

  • Compressor for quick high capacity usage

  • (5 litres per hour cold / 7.9 litres per hour hot)

  • Safety feature on hot dispense tap

  • Hot and cold option (hot 94 degrees)Large removable drip tray for easy cleaning

  • Cup dispenser included

  • Available in silver graphite or classic white

  • Runs on a standard 13amp electrical socket, BEAB approved. (Cook & Cold 95 watts / Hot & Cold 600 watts)

  • Weight; cold model 13.8kg / 14.7kg hot model

  • Dimensions:    H99.5cm x W33cm x D33cm

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