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Your Local Water Cooler Service

Premium Water Coolers at great prices!
Bottled Water Coolers
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We are a locally based company in Northamptonshire, we have been supplying businesses and homes since 1999.  At the Cooler Company we are focused on providing every customer, large or small, the same great service, customer care and competitive pricing.



If you are looking for a water cooler supplier that makes customer service its number one priority,

please contact us on 01933 410410 or

Prepare to be refreshed by our service!

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Hassle free installations carried out by our fully trained technicians.

Servicing & Maintenance

Sanitisation, repairs and maintenance are carried out by our trained technicians.

Free Site Evaluation

We offer Free site evaluations to help you decide where and how to site the water coolers.

Available To Rent or Purchase

Looking for something a little unique?  Here are some examples, tap on image 

Ask about our fun cooler range and individual custom designed coolers


Check out what our customers are saying

We have been using The Cooler Company for many years now and the service has always been efficient and friendly.  The delivery of water from the time of order is always very fast and the up keep of the machine is excellent.  We would have no doubt hesitate in recommending The Cooler Company for an all round perfect service.



Fantastic service.  We get a friendly call every two weeks to see if we need any orders.  Orders arrive on time.  If we have any issues with our water cooler they are straight on the case 



Great service.  Great company.  From installing our water chiller to delivering water and cleaning it to make sure its in tip top condition, we are so pleased with the service.  Add to that a great customer service and the best receptionist, we could not ask for more.

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You are welcome to try a Bottled Water Cooler

FREE for 14 days.

  • You will receive a bottled water cooler, two bottles of water and 100 cups delivered FREE

  • No plumbing required, just plug in.

  • No obligation and no charges if you do not wish to retain the service.

PLUS retain the service at the end of the trial and will we give you another 2 bottles of water free with our compliments.

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Introducing the Oasis Polaris

The Polaris is a compact and stylish mains-fed water cooler that sits on your countertop, providing: chilled, hot and ambient water at the touch of the button, all from a single dispense point. The Polaris is a stylish and durable solution to your home or office, with scratch resistant properties. The convenience of this unit is unparalleled; with it’s tall dispense height, you can top up your glass, or fill that large sports bottle for when you’re on the go. 


Coming soon.....

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